Save Big Cats by Design

This initiative created by Paka Pride encourages designers who create fashions inspired by big cats to give back a portion of those sales to help save them.

It's time to think differently about fashions inspired by big cats. When we borrow their spots and stripes to convey fierce confidence and strength, those designs can be even more powerful if they give back to protect these majestic creatures and their habitats. If we wear leopard spots, tiger stripes and big cat images that give back to help protect big cats, we can feel good about the clothes we wear and about the brands that design them. 

Help Cause an Uproar!

Did you know...African lion populations have declined 90% in the last 75 years

Cheetahs have disappeared from more than 75% of their historic range.

Tigers, as few as 3,000 tigers remain in the wild

The Problem

Big Cats worldwide are under threat, victims of habitat loss, trophy hunting and conflicts with humans. Losing these majestic predators would be devastating on their ecosystem and rob future generations of their presence.  

The Solution

The Big Cats Initiative, founded with National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert (@beverlyjoubert) is taking action to assure big cats in the wild are not gone forever. Partnering with leading big cat experts, the initiative has funded on-the-ground research and innovative conservation projects in 27 countries to protect our planet’s top felines: lions, leopards, cheetahs, tigers and jaguars.

Our Story

Brittany Gowan @IHaveThisThingWithUrbanJungles,and her artist mom Marnie are passionate about protecting lions and other big cats, and believe fashion inspired by threatened wildlife should give back to help save them. $5 from every purchase is donated to National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative.  

What You Can Do

 Join our 'Pride' of big cat supporters by signing up with your email address and receive special offers and news about the Spots and Stripes Challenge and Nat. Geo's Big Cats Initiative.

$5 from every PakaPride purchase goes to help Save Big Cats.

Feel Good About Your Tee 

Not only do our hand drawn tees help save big cats, they are created with ethically sourced organic and earth friendly fabrics, and carefully hand silk-screened with non-toxic water-based ink.